On Tap Helps Hilary’s Eat Well and Mission Farms Reach Mobile Customers

Launches Best-In-Class Responsive-Design Websites

Kansas City, MO – On Tap is excited to announce the launch of two new responsive websites:
Hilary’s Eat Well and Mission Farms. Responsive websites ‘respond’ to the device on which
they are viewed; the design changes to fit the screen size, creating an optimal user experience
for smartphone and tablet users.

Both the Hilary’s Eat Well and Mission Farms websites were designed to be viewed only on a
desktop computer, making it difficult for mobile visitors to get the information they needed. Both
companies chose to partner with On Tap to develop new responsive sites that make it easy for
visitors to navigate regardless of their device.

“Considering mobile website traffic isn’t always at the forefront of a business’ agenda and it
needs to be,” Kate Nielsen, On Tap founder, explained. “65% of searches start on a smartphone
and organization’s need to be prepared to meet their customers there*. Hilary’s Eat Well and
Mission Farms both understood the need to serve their mobile site visitors better, or they risked
losing business.”

Hilary’s Eat Well

Hilary’s Eat Well, based in Lawrence, KS, is known for their natural and convenient food that is
gluten-free, dairy-free, corn-free, egg-free, soy-free, yeast-free and nut-free. While they knew
that more than 3/4 of their site traffic was mobile, it was their preparation for the Natural Products Expo West and the anticipated increase in site traffic nationwide that made them
commit to creating a responsive site.

“During Natural
Products Expo West, a well-known blogger mentioned us on Facebook, which
spiked our website traffic 1300%,” Becky Harpstrite, Hilary’s Eat Well Creative Director, said.
“We were so relieved that all of those prospective customers could easily learn about our
company and our products on both desktops and mobile devices. On Tap did a great job of
setting us up for success at the show, and has proven to be a great partner.”

View the responsive site on your smartphone or tablet at http://www.hilaryseatwell.com.”

Mission Farms

Mission Farms, an upscale entertainment and residential district in Kansas, had a website
designed several years ago with only a desktop computer view in mind. With over 50% of their
site visitors coming specifically from smartphones, they knew they needed a mobile solution.
They worked with On Tap to create a responsive site that would provide consistent branding
across all devices while giving their mobile visitors the information they needed. On Tap
reimagined the user-interface using a “mobile-first” perspective and updated the site to reflect modern web design elements, resulting in a clean and consistent user experience across all

“Working with On Tap has been great,” Katie Chalfant, Mission Farms’ Director of Marketing,
commented. “They provided strategic insight, a clean design, and the knowledge we needed to
provide a solution for our mobile visitors. Since so many of our visitors use their mobile phones,
the mobile-friendly website is very important and I would certainly recommend On Tap for this

See the mobile-friendly site on your smartphone or tablet at http://www.mission-farms.com.

* The New Multi-screen World: Understanding Cross-platform Consumer Behavior, Google

See the full news release here.