Hi, Nice to Meet You

As a full-service, mobile-first web development firm, we are more than a resource; we are your go-to web partner. Together we can create a successful long-term digital strategy. It’s not about your website, it’s about creating a wow experience for your customers, driving business and increasing loyalty.

Why On Tap?

On Tap means being available all the time, anywhere, with one simple tap. Mobile internet usage has surpassed desktop usage and we’re here to help you evolve with this ever-changing user landscape. Our mobile-first philosophy is reflected in our name. We want it to be easy for customers to find you and we want you to be the refreshing reprieve, the user-friendly mobile site amidst your competitor’s clunky desktop-designed sites.

We Know Websites

Twelve years of experience in the marketing, SEO, web design and development world has taught us a lot (some of which we’ve had to force ourselves to forget!). One thing we know for sure: it’s not easy to develop an outstanding website or web application designed for today’s world.

That’s why we bring together the experts needed to make something really special: user-experience strategists, designers, developers, content writers and SEO experts. Our team is dedicated to your business, your web presence and your satisfaction from our first meeting to our ongoing support.

Let Us Serve You

We know what’s important to you and pride ourselves on serving your needs:

  • Mobile = #1:
    Unlike some of our competitors, mobile is never an afterthought. We design for mobile-first and possess a deep understanding of the ideal mobile experience.
  • It’s all about the results:
    We build more than a pretty website, we approach all our work with your business, operational and marketing goals in mind.
  • Mind-blowing customer service:
    We are responsive, just like our websites. We promise to be on-time and on-budget and to deliver a delightful experience.
  • Technical know-how:
    We know where your customers are and how to meet them there, providing excellent technical support along the way.
  • Smart and getting smarter:
    We know web and we know mobile. We also know how quickly things change which is why we’re dedicated to staying on top of the trends.

Contact us when you’re ready to take your website to the next level. We’ll help you wow your customers, no matter their device.