Whad’ya mean, “responsive design”?

responsiveResponsive design is tech speak for a website that automatically adjusts its layout, content and size to fit different browsing devices. This means that a site will look good and remain optimally functional and navigable whether it is being viewed on a desktop, smartphone or tablet. It’s responsive because it responds to the device from which it is being accessed.

Is my website responsive?

Here’s how you can tell: Pull up your website on your desktop computer. Now pull up your website on your smartphone or tablet. Does the mobile version look exactly like the desktop site, only all smooshed, cluttered, and difficult to read and navigate? Does it look like it’s trying to cram all its content into your high school skinny jeans? Then your site is probably not responsive. If your site looks slightly different on your mobile device, is easy to read and click buttons or links, and generally looks like the content is an appropriate scale for the screen, then congratulations, you win a gold star for fantastic website design.

Should it be?

Considering that approximately half of all browsing occurs on a smartphone or tablet, YES!! Think about it, your customers or potential customers are accessing your website from their phone or tablet nearly 50% of the time, so you should put your best web-face forward for them. A responsive website will ensure your customers have the best possible experience with your business, no matter where they are. Your site will be easy to read and navigate and will look professional and polished. Your customers will be able to easily access the most important information, without getting frustrated from using a site that looks like it was built for ants.

Responsive sites are looked upon more favorably by the search engine gods as well; they now receive better, targeted, mobile-search rankings than non-responsive sites.

How do I do it? Is it expensive?

Creating a new, responsive website or retrofitting your existing site does not have to be excessively complicated or expensive. As a full service, mobile-first web development firm, we can help you meet your customers where they are, while providing a delightful experience and giving strategic insight along the way. Each business is different, and we will work with you to recommend a strategic solution that fits your needs and meets your customers, no matter where they are. Contact us and we’ll help you put your best web-face forward on every device.